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These transactions represent work Jay McEntire and Te Turner handled in either an investment advisory or managerial capacity.



Columbia Hospital Corp. merger with Galen Heathcare, Inc. $6,000.0
ArkLa, Inc. acquisition of Entex Corp. 575.0
Parker & Parsley Petroleum Company acquisition Prudential/Bache Limited Partnerships 508.0
Parker & Parsley Petroleum Company hostile takeover of Bridge Oil Australia 430.0
Parker & Parsley Petroleum Company divestiture of Australasia Division 240.0
ProTrader Group, LP sale to Instinet Corp. 150.0
Parker & Parsley Petroleum Company acquisition of assets from Pacific, Gas & Electric 120.0
Pharmacy Corporation of America acquisition of Insta-Care 118.0
Alma Energy bankrutpcy restructuring 110.0
United Tote spin-off of AutoTote 100.0
Prime Medical Services, Inc. acquistion of Lithotriptors, Inc. 90.0
Offshore Energy Development Corp. Sale to Titon Exploration 80.0
Technetics Corp leveraged recap 51.0
Parker & Parsley Petroleum Company Management Buyout 50.0
Union Planters Corp. acquisition of Nortwest Arkansas Bancshares 35.5
Coca Mines sale to Hecla Mining Corp. 35.0
SD Leasing, Inc. sale to SunTrust Bank 35.0
Atwood Resources acquisition of Park Ohio 32.0
Century Telephone Enterprises (now CenturyTel) sale of cable TV properties 22.0
AAA Auto Club South acquistion of East Florida Division of AAA ND
Atlanta Family Restaurants sale to RTM, Inc. ND


Beverly Enterprises underwritten public offerings (various) $300.0
Century Telephone Enterprises senior note offerings 300.0
Century Telephone Enterprises common stock offerings 150.0
Sonic Corp common stock public offerings 103.9
Beverly Enterprises senior secured notes 87.8
Taco Cabana public offering of common stock 61.3
Sonic Corp IPO 46.3
TPI Restaurants, Inc public offering of convertible debentures 45.0
Health Images common stock public offerings 43.1
Taco Cabana IPO 36.5
Prime Medical Services, Inc. private placements of senior debt 35.0
Silver Eagle Distributors private placement of senior notes 30.0
The Foothill Group secondary offering of common stock 30.0
Union Planters Corp. subordinated debt offering 30.0
US Long Distance Corp common stock public offering 24.3
Benchmark Electronics IPO 18.2
Medicus Systems common stock public offering 17.8
Fired Up, Inc. private placement of convertible preferred stock 16.0
Nutramax Products common stock public offering 15.6
Union Planters Corp. preferred stock offering 15.0
CCX Network (now Acxiom) IPO 10.0
Century Telephone Ent. private placement of common in Europe 10.0
Medicus Systems IPO 8.1
Jacques-Miller private placement of preferred stock 8.0
CCX Network common stock public offerings 7.8
Institute of Clinical Pharmacology IPO 7.8
Acadia Refining private placement of senior debt 6.0