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Roy “Te” Turner
Managing Partner, M2Capital Partners LLC

Roy “Te” Turner has thirty years of experience in corporate finance, investment banking and financial management with companies ranging in size from start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations. He is an experienced deal manager for many different types and sizes of transactions, including buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisitions, private placements and public offerings of debt and equity, financial restructuring and real estate financing.

Mr. Turner’s prior investment banking experience consisted of 22 years in corporate finance with Stephens Inc. where he and Mr. McEntire were colleagues. Attaining the position of Senior VP & Managing Director of Corporate Finance, Mr. Turner developed and maintained long-term relationships with clients in numerous sectors, including healthcare services, telecommunications, IT and the restaurant industry. Some of Te’s successful engagements included a major capital restructuring and asset sales for Beverly Enterprises, equity and debt offerings for ALLTEL Corporation and CenturyTel, the IPOs and follow-on offerings for Acxiom Corporation, Sonic Corp and Taco Cabana and equity offerings and strategic financial advisory work for Health Images, where he also served as a board member. Major M&A transactions included Columbia Healthcare’s $5 billion merger with Galen Healthcare and Arkla Gas’s acquisition of Entex.

In 2000, Mr. Turner left Stephens to pursue an investment in Fired Up, Inc., the owner-operator and franchisor of the Johnny Carino’s Country Italian restaurant chain, where he assumed the position of CFO, Secretary and board member. As CFO, Te managed all corporate financial functions, including treasury, cash management, accounting and control, financial planning and budgeting, acquisition/divestiture analysis, risk management and investor relations, as well as HR and IT. In a little over two years’ time, he raised sufficient growth capital to enable the company to double in size, bringing in a $16 million institutional equity investment and over $40 million in new real estate financing. He also administered the financial disciplines to allow the company to attain profitability. Upon leaving Fired Up, Te founded Restaurant Capital Solutions to provide financial advisory, capital structuring and merger & acquisition services to other restaurant and retailing companies. He subsequently folded that practice into M2Capital.

Early in his career at Stephens, Te helped start SD Leasing, a franchise finance and office equipment leasing company, serving as its first CFO and as a Board Member until successfully selling the Company to SunTrust Bank after 15 years of profitable growth. Prior to joining Stephens, Te spent five years in financial planning and control with IBM.

Te has a BA from Rice University, an MBA from the University of Chicago and a License in Applied Economics from Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Te is married with three children and lives in Austin, Tx.